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What Led to the Legacy of Louis Chenevert?

When Louis Chenevert decided to resign from his position as the CEO of UTC, people were so surprised. He had improved the firm, and everything was so amazing when he left. Why would he leave at a time when all he would do was to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Besides, there were no scandals or any misunderstandings leading to his vacating office.

Louis Chenevert is currently leaving a semi-retired life. He wanted to have undistracted time with his family after being very busy in the corporate world for years. He is also pursuing his personal interesting like designing yachts. Chenevert is also an exclusive advisor at the Goldman Sachs.

The legacy of Louis Chenevert was mostly contributed by his reign in the United Technologies Corporation. He led the company to the next level; although it was during a financial crisis. There are many measures that he took, which helped him secure the future of the company.

One of the measures was protecting the labor force of the company. He prevented possible layoffs by moving the engineers who were in an exhausted mine, to a sector that their knowledge was required. In an interview, Louis said that the team you work with is very crucial. He believes that one is only as good as their team. He advises young business people to invest in their teams, and boost their performance.

In hindsight, their many things that we see that we should have done differently. For Louis Chenevert, what he could have handled differently is the internal politics of the company. He says that there are individuals who are always going against the propelling factors of an organization. He explains that finally when a project becomes successful, they celebrate with the rest. The best thing is to avoid such characters and move forward with the individuals who are willing to make a difference.

Louis says it is hard to point out what makes him successful. He, however, mentions that he is very focused on his work. He is also optimistic and passionate when evaluating his tasks. Last but not least he chooses his team carefully.

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