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US Money Reserve Hosts Gold Investing Discussion On DRTV

US Money Reserve is a professional gold and silver purchase company that has several experts on its executive committee that know the ins and outs of gold and silver’s value. One of those experts is former US Mint Director Philip N. Diehl, appointed by then President Bill Clinton and a leader of many agency reforms.

Diehl and his co-executives John Rothans and Brad Castillo were recently featured in “2016 Gold Summit,” a televised discussion on Direct Response TV (DRTV), and moderating this discussion was longtime TV host Larry King. Michael Reagan, the son of former President Ronald Reagan was a guest speaker at the event and he opened things by telling the audience about how important gold investments are.

Investing in gold and silver has both risks and rewards. Its value can fluctuate depending on the paper money markets and basic supply and demand economics, but whenever the markets appear headed for a downturn and inflation is imminent, gold and silver are often looked at as safe havens for investors. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve:

Unlike most paper currencies and digital funds, gold and silver will not be charged negative interest rates and assets invested in them will not be subjected to seizures or regulation.

Philip N. Diehl chose to join US Money Reserve because their goals are similar to those that he had while serving as US Mint Director. They have changed their website to become an interactive and informative place for investors to visit.

Now investors can find information about all bullion and learn about commemorative coins and which kinds of precious metals would benefit them the most. They can also learn about all the risks and disclaimers to investing. Diehl turned the US Mint into a profitable resource both for the government and taxpayers generating billions of dollars in returns. He was the pioneer of the “50 States Quarter” program and also introduced the US Mint’s first ecommerce website.

According to Biz Journals, among the important features of US Money Reserve is its offline Client-Connect Advantage app which allows users to contact support at any time. Whether you need help making a transaction go through or making a return, customer service representatives are always standing by.

You can also find out how to move funds from your personal IRA or other retirement fund into gold and silver assets.

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    Numerous banks are hoping to purchase gold and silver as the national obligation poses a potential threat and as they do its esteem will increment significantly more. It is also something help on writing assignments and it is very good for them to have everything spelt out for them to make way for all of them to understand.

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