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The Type of Electrolytes to Look For And What Waiakea Offers

One thing that people are hearing about the premium forms of water is that they have a lot of electrolytes. Some people compare these premium waters like Waiakea to Gatorade and other drinks that have electrolytes. The only thing is that the electrolytes are not neutralized by sugar. However, there is one thing that people often do not think about when they think about the water they are drinking. They do not think about the actual electrolytes that the water carries. It is important to know because it can make the difference in the type of health benefits one would get.


One of the types of electrolytes that Waiakea has is silica. It not only has silica, but a huge amount of silica. This brings a lot of benefits with it. One of the benefits of silica is that it has anti-aging effects that can actually slow down the effects of aging. It is also good for the cognitive abilities of people. Therefore, people who drink Waiakea water will reduce their chances of developing mental disorders like dementia or Alzheimer’s. One of the most important abilities for an individual to have is mental capabilities. If his mental capabilities are on a decline, this can interfere with other aspects of his life.


One of the best things about these health benefits is that they can be tasted. People are going to be able to taste the benefits of this water on the first sip. Even people that can’t seem to tell the difference between one form of water and another. They will be able to tell the difference in taste because the difference is that significant. They are also able to enjoy some of the anti-aging volcanic water benefits with the high alkaline content. Waiakea is everything that water was meant to be.

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