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The Kind of Risk Larkin & Lacey Took To Defend and Protect Human Rights

The violation of human rights is one of the most heinous acts anyone would commit. Human rights are to be protected and defended in the best way possible. However, those who come up to defend and protect human rights face fierce opposition from the parties and individuals who don’t value human life. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Larkin: and

Although the world is getting civilized each day, people who violate human rights don’t seem to die out. Larkin & Lacey are two great people who have been on the forefront defending and protecting migrant, human, and civil rights.

They have been committed to exposing those who have been oppressed. They believe in making the oppressors accountable for the crime they commit. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The groups you see involved in advocating for migrant, human, and civil rights know they are trending on the slippery ground. The exercise these groups go through to carry out objective and strategic investigations is rigorous.

The group has to uphold its stand on the human rights violation, and also demand action against those who abuse human rights.

This is what Larkin & Lacey were committed to despite threats and mistreatments from some government authorities. They knew they had a world to change at any cost to see the abuse of human rights come to an end. It wasn’t easy for them, but they were persuaded to push for a change to the end.

Frontera Fund was one of the human right groups under the leadership of Larkin and Lacey. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey happen to be the co-founders of Phoenix New Times, as well as, Village Voice Media.

These two gentlemen have been committed to funding the organizations whose main mandate is to protect human rights. Sherif Joe of the Maricopa County arrested these two journalists on 18th October 2007. The two men have been dragged from their homes at night and jailed. Amid this crisis, a settlement of about 3.5 million dollars was raised.

Larkin & Lacey said it was unfortunate that America had a room for civil rights discrimination. They said people would not tolerate the dark world some selfish individuals were trying to introduce. Many American minor groups benefited a lot from Frontera Fund Jim, and Michael had initiated.

The duo disclosed many people had endured numerous injustice acts of rights and this had to stop. They said it was unbelievable to see a sheriff, Joe Arpaio, had a long controversial history. The sheriff was always against the journalists who publish something that enlightened the community.

The two journalists said what had happened to the Latino communities under the guidance of the sheriff was regrettable. They wondered why the courts had not convicted Joe Arpaio of anything. They said the criminal contempt the court had convicted Arpaio of in July 2017 wasn’t enough.

They even said President Trump was working behind the scene to protect Joe, his friend. Since the feeling that something severe ought to have been done to Arpaio for his injustices was increasing, Lacey decided to team up with Larkin to fight this injustice.

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