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Talk Fusion is a company that was founded by Bob Reina in 2007. Mr. Bob has been in the marketing industry for over 20 years. He is a very successful entrepreneur who believes in finding the solution to a problem once the problem is detected. Talk Fusion is a video email marketing company, and it deals with a variety of products like media monitoring, media targeting, Prof Net, media measurement and analytics, Video email, video news latter, fusion wall, E-subscription and video autoresponders, video blogs, video share and connect.


Mr. Bob talks about the top trends in video advertising. Currently, most of the businesses use video as their primary marketing strategy. A video is a beneficial tool, and marketers should take it as a valuable asset. Videos are becoming more efficient because they illustrate the problem or tell a story about the issue and the solution is also demonstrated. Live streaming is a trend that is growing so fast in video marketing and social media. Live streaming is more preferred by viewers than the recorded videos. Companies that use live streaming in advertising tend to gain trust from the viewers because they believe the company is conveying its transparency. The other common trend is temporary video content which is more compelling. The panoramic video is also another trend that is used in video marketing. It’s an interactive video that allows users to turn different angles.


Marketers should not concentrate more on the current trends and forget the importance of video email marketing. A study shows that most people who watch advertising videos prefer them being sent to their emails than to view them on social media, websites or application. It is essential for video marketers to study the trends in video marketing and embrace them. New trends and ideas always come up, and it is vital to stay updated. According to Bob very element of a video is essential and should be given maximum attention when providing details. This is what differentiates a bland video from one that will capture the viewers. The most important is to create a video that speaks to people, and they feel compelled to share it.


Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Releases Article About Top Marketing Trends Of 2017


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  • Yaritza Augustus

    What Talk Fusion were able to do is to take advantage from an already existing business model and have taken the innovative solution a step ahead. So that type of essay would be useful in making the motivation for them sustained as well. In the making of Talk Fusion, I see one quality that I really admire and that is making the needs of the customers magnified.

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