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Sussex Healthcare: Quality People Needed For Quality Care

If you’ve been looking for a new and rewarding career, check out Sussex Healthcare. Whether you’re a licensed professional or looking to get your foot in the door, there’s something for everyone, here. The company has opened many new positions of all sorts. The top jobs right now are in nursing, care assistant, and senior care assistant. There are full-time positions in both East and West Sussex locations. The benefits of Sussex Healthcare are unmatched. A great pension plan, double pay for many shifts, referral bonuses, uniforms, and even allotments for housing, food, and transportation are just the start.

Sussex Healthcare prides itself on being a leader in the care facility industry. The dedication to training and development of both current and new employees shows that they are dedicated to providing new opportunities to their caretakers. Nursing apprenticeships and learning healthcare as a new trade are all opportunities that will sharpen your skills in an ever-evolving business. As healthcare professionals are always in demand, you’ll have a competitive advantage with a company like Sussex Healthcare. Their patient first care philosophy is taught with the skills that are necessary to provide the best level of care. You can even select a mentor to guide you along in your career, the possibilities are limitless.


You may be wondering what types of patients you’ll be serving and what services the company provides. Sussex Healthcare provides care for older people, those with disabilities, end-of-life care, dementia care, neurological care, and more. Each facility is geared towards the level and type of care necessary, with modern accommodations and technology for all patients and employees. You’ll be working right alongside some of the best talents in the business while caring for the best patients around!

Sussex Healthcare is also proud to announce a new CEO. Amanda Morgan-Taylor joins the team with a wealth of experience. Starting out in healthcare as a mental health nurse, she grew her career into management level. With experience working for both public and private institutions, she has the knowledge needed to navigate through the complex world of healthcare regulation. She is dedicated to providing the best quality care and experience to the company’s patients while guiding her team with her expertise.

The Sussex Healthcare Talent Network can provide you with detailed career information. You can sign up for alerts, so you’ll always be aware of new opportunities. Getting started on a new path is easier than you think.

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