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Stream Energy is featured on Patch because of its Stream Cares which is a new humanitarian foundation. It is the leading corporation that assisted in funding Hurricane Harvey recovery effort. The organization on a broader scale also supported their clients regarding their financial challenges. The corporation worked in collaboration with an establishment known as Hope Supply, to offer assistance in tackling Dallas homelessness. Hope Supply center on kids who are homeless and gives clothes, schools supplies, and essentials. In the previous Hope supply’s annual event, more than a thousand homeless kids from North Texas were given lunch for free and fully paid entrance fees. The occasion gathers children who are homeless to the nearby water park; the kids engage in a fun day with additional supplies and money.

Stream Energy has involved itself for quite a while with Habitat Humanity, which concentrates on helping families repair their homes and also building new houses. Habitat Humanity provides affordable mortgages and volunteering work, while their family member contributes sweat equity labor. American Red-cross is Another Stream Energy’s Partner, tasked with providing education, emergency assistance and disaster relief around the United States.The organization is taking up a vital position in attempting to empower both Texas and Dallas through corporate generosity, commitment to the less fortunate and associate passion.

The organization worked together in 2016 side by side with Salvation Army, for fundraising cash for North Texas tornado victims. They multiplied the contribution, by adding their associate’s contributions. Through a once in the lifetime operation, Stream Energy is well known for assisting veterans of Dallas-zone including their families. In a particular time, they offered a free ride that involved a specific lunch occasion, where veterans were treated with ribs and steaks in a decent steakhouse in Texas. For instance, in a Doll Experience of American Girl, Stream Energy settled all the costs for ten little girls of military individuals. The young ladies got the opportunity to choose one of a kind American doll, after which they had lunch in an American CafĂ©. Kimberly Girard, the senior manager of events in Stream energy, expressed that the organization appreciates turning around the lifestyles of such vast numbers of individuals.

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