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Shervin Pishevar Predicts a Dark Future for US Economy

Shervin Pishevar used Twitter to predict some dark days ahead for the US economy. He tweeted 50 points over just 21 hours mentioning reasons why he feels the stock market will crash, why big companies will lose their influence, and why tools that have previously been used by the government to reset the economy will not continue to be effective. He also touched on immigration, bitcoin, and a few companies that he feels will do some good.

One of the most notable deals Shervin Pishevar has ever been involved with is Uber. He was one of their early investors. The venture capital fund he helped to start, Sherpa Capital, made a fortune in this investment. He also served as one of their advisors for a couple of years. The last time that he had used Twitter before this 21 hour tweet storm was to announce his resignation from this fund. That was in mid December 2017.

Shervin Pishevar feels that an economic disaster has the possibility of leading to a new type of economy. His tweets acknowledged unstable conditions in the United States. He talks about the stock market crashing and inflation spreading. He even described underemployment as a systemic economic stasis. However, he does offer a glimmer of hope. Toward the end of his tweet storm, he mentioned that when all middlemen are irrelevant, then everyone can eventually a global economy that is more perfectly efficient and frictionless. These are ideas that Shervin Pishevar has expressed many times in the past. He has fought for a transparent society with less volatility.

The most ominous predictions Shervin Pishevar made had to do with the United States’ big five unicorns. These are Microsoft, Google, Alphabet, Apple, and Amazon. Shervin Pishevar refers to them as monopolies and says that companies of this size and influence have the power of nation-states. Because they have the ability to buy out any competition, they will fail the system at large. He feels that they will lose their influence and may ultimately crash. Companies he said it will do some good include SpaceX and Hyperloop One.

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