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Securus Technologies Now Offers Unauthorized Cell Phone Blocking Services For Proactive Crime Prevention In Prisons

Contraband cell phones in prisons make guards and warden’s jobs much more challenging. Inmates can intimidate witnesses, arrange for crimes to be committed in the prison or continue their illegal activities from the comfort of their cell. While guards search for and confiscate illegal cell phones, it would be so much easier if prisoners didn’t bother having phones smuggled in, which would happen if the cell phones did not work inside jails and prisons.


Fortunately, Securus Technologies just installed another of its Wireless Containment Solution (WCS), which prevents inmate’s illegal cell phones from connecting to a network, rendering them useless. Securus develops a wide range of technology solutions for the corrections and law enforcement industries; however, their WCS product is revolutionary. Not only does it prevent cell phones from making calls, Securus’s WCS solution identifies the phone’s electronic identity. According to Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, the company’s Wireless Containment Solution proactively prevents crimes, something that none of their competitors have been able to accomplish. Simply identifying the contraband cell phone, which is what Securus’ competitors offer, isn’t enough. It only takes one call for an inmate to order a member of their gang to murder a witness; confiscating the phone after the crime isn’t good enough.


Securus Technologies’ solution is customizable; therefore, correctional facilities can allow calls where needed, while blocking inmates from having their calls go through.


Providing authorized inmate telephone solutions as well, Securus Technologies offers comprehensive, innovative communication services to modern correctional facilities. To inmates and their families, staying connected is important, therefore Securus makes it easy for family members to set up accounts so that their loved one can make authorized calls to them.


With the largest patent portfolio in the industry, Securus Technologies is committed to offering their customers the latest technology solutions, including video visitation, inmate tablet applications, voice biometrics and more. Over 1,200,000 North American inmates benefit from the services Securus provides by staying connected with family members and having access to various services on authorized electronic devices.


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