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Securus Technologies Has Surprised Local Police Departments

In recent years, Securus Technologies surprised prison inmates in America by introducing them to amazing technology. This technology included clearer phone service with signals that reached around the world, video chatting, and so much more.


In their attempt to help law enforcement stop crime in and out of prisons, Securus Technologies recently introduced new technology to several different police departments. This new technology allows police officers to observe visitors who visit two or more inmates simultaneously or on different days. These individuals are then investigated whenever crimes are committed that involve inmates they visited.


Only a few police departments tried the technology, but they all cannot stop raving about it. What these police departments love the most is the fact that the technology does all the work. On a daily basis, police departments that implement this technology will receive a print out of individuals who visited more than one inmate. Police officers do not have to search through records or watch recorded video footage. This allows police officers to spend more time on fighting crime.


Securus Technologies is planning on enhancing this new technology even more. They desire to have officers made aware, in real time, of people who visit more than one inmate. Securus Technologies believes this will allow officers to question people sooner. They also think this will let officers get to a location quicker in the event a drug deal or the like takes place. Police officers are pleased that Securus Technologies is on their side. With all the financial cuts being made in every state, police departments and other law enforcement agencies do not have the money to investigate or even invest in technology. However, Securus Technologies solves this problem by freely donating their technology and their time to every prison in the United States of America.


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