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Securus Technologies – A Leader in Crime Prevention And Inmate Communications

Securus Technologies has been in the correctional department for a while now. The private company is profit making, and it was established more than a decade ago. The main aim of the institution is to offer technology and communication solutions to the individuals who are serving their jail sentences in the United States. The company has assisted very many correctional agencies, law enforcement agencies, civil and criminal justice centers. The main offices of the private company are found in Dallas, Texas.


Since its introduction into the market, Securus Technologies has done a lot to make law enforcement easier to the prison officials. The management of the institution are highly experienced professionals who have been in the correctional industry for a long time. These individuals know that it is paramount for the inmates to speak to their loved ones now and then so that they can change and become good people.


Without the right communication technology, it is impossible for the prisons to achieve this goal. The prison officials are always looking for ways of getting evidence, and they have been able to accomplish their goals using the applications and services provided by the company. The chief executive director of the institution, known as Rick Smith is a technology guru, and he has done a lot to ensure that the correctional industry goes to a higher level.


Last year, customer from the institution wrote to Rick Smith explaining how they were happy due to the quality of services they were getting every day they are using the products and services from the institution. The video application from the institution, for instance, is one of the most popular apps from the private company. Since its introduction into the market, the video application has played a key role in bringing reforms in the lives of many inmates.


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