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Ryan Seacrest: A World Leader Who Makes a Difference

Ryan Seacrest is a world leader that continues to strive to make the world a better place. His unique style and attitude is like no other. At age 43, he has paved the way for many to follow his great lead as an entrepreneur. Ryan Seacrest holds many roles that define his character in the spotlight. As a prominent producer, radio personality, and television host he is truly one of a kind. His clothing line named Distinction and skin-care line(Polish by Dr. Lancer) are also a big hit in the fashion and beauty world. Each role that he carries comes with a standard that he upholds in each arena.

Per a recent interview with NYTimes, he explained the facets of his life and his daily routine. Many are intrigued by his loving smile that is seemingly contagious. He says that taking care of his internal and external gets him through each day. Mr. Seacrest enjoys working out with his personal trainer that goes wherever he goes. It is a continued balancing act that he portrays well on the daily. He choses to live everyday with ease and calmness. His glow lights up any room. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation helps unfortunate people around the globe. It is just another way that he gives back to society. Many have seen him on The Kelly and Ryan show. Needless to say, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest lives to greet his audience that he connects with after each show. In addition, On-Air with Ryan is his own podcast that is nationally-syndicated. Here he is able to reach out to all of his radio fans across the nation.

Ryan Seacrest is the producer of the hit show American Idol. While hosting the show, he was able to connect with so many people with such great talent. One of his role models was the legendary Dick Clark . He had the opportunity to work with the great legend. Mr. Clark taught him as a young boy to just be comfortable with himself. Ryan Seacrest is full of surprises and you may even catch him hosting any future awards show.


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