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Roberto Santiago Brings Blends Shopping and Entertainment

Roberto Santiago is building a real estate empire one step at a time. He has proven that he has a great vision for real estate properties, and he has shown the natives of Brazil that he has a lot of offer to the landscape of Brazil. There are a lot of people that are going to gravitate towards what he has established, and the Manaira Mall is one of his best creations.

Manaira Mall is the largest shopping center in all of Joao Pessoa. He has created a very interesting entertainment and shopping center. The room has all types of things for people to are looking for a way to fill their days. He has created an environment where people can park their vehicles and come into the Manaira Mall and stay all day. There is an amusement park that is great for the kids. This is something that will be very valuable for families. There are also other entertaining venues like movie theaters and bowling alleys.

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The average person that comes from America to see the vision that Roberto Santiago has created will be thrilled with what he has done. He has created an environment that is filled with rich cuisine so people that come here to shop will have no problem sitting down to relax. The Manaira Shopping center is going to be a very delightful place for anyone that is interested in playing games. There is a Game Station that is making things easy for people that want to play games. There are 200 machines for games, and there is also a ballroom for people that are going to have a conference or meeting.

The entertainment that is available for this shopping center shows that the Manaira Mall is among the best in Brazil when it comes down to the all-inclusive environment. This is a modern mall that has given people access to the best assortment of shopping and entertainment. The great thing about Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is that this is an environment that caters to just about everyone.

Roberto Santiago has invested in fun and it has paid off for him. This mall was the first in the Paraibana capital of Joao Pessoa, and he started this mall in 1989. He has continued to expand and build this mall up in a way to highlights the concepts of modernized technology. He has blended shopping and entertainment in a seamless way, and many Brazilians could not imagine a mall environment that did not have all the entertainment and shopping options that this mega mall has. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba

He has been successful in the business world, and this investment in the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has certainly stimulated the economy. Santiago has many irons in the fire, and his most recent investment involved another shopping center called Mangabeira Shopping in Pariaba. This is another investment in shopping that has created a multitude of jobs in Paraiba. Santiago has brought jobs to Brazil along with entertainment options for both natives and Brazilian tourists.

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