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Richard Blair is a go to for Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is a go to for sound investments and wealth solutions. Richard Blair, who is a registered investment advisor and founder at Wealth Solutions, believes that everyone needs a solid game plan, in which that will still allow them to accomplish all of their financial goals. By accomplishing this, Blair strives to provide wealth management services, along with retirement planning for his clients. Richard is highly experienced and qualified, along with successfully completed certifications to back up his field of expertise. Certifications including; CAS, CES, RICP, and CFS. Working with Richard, many of his clients find him to be greatly resourceful when it comes to partnership, as well as an advisor. Wealth Solutions registered investment advisory firm is located in the Austin, Texas area, where they offer the best of the best services to protecting and managing their client’s assets. Learn more:


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions strictly follows what they call a three-pillar approach, in which allows them to quickly learn and understand the financial state of their client’s situation, as well as their retirement needs. Being that each client is different, Wealth Solutions also likes to create full customized plans for each of their clients. Pillar one is designed to allow clients to draw out their financial roadmap, in which identifies the client’s strengths, goals, risk tolerance, and growth opportunities. Pillar two is designed to grow a long-term strategy that works for client based on their investment needs, and Pillar three is where Richard meets the insurance needs of the client. With all of Wealth Solutions success, they are sitting on a revenue of $1.4 million. Learn more:


Richard Blair has not only founded this company into a great success, he also has more to feel accomplished, with having over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Before the founding of Wealth Solutions, Richard first received his Bachelor’s in Finance at the University of Houston. He also did some venturing off into the world of financial services in the year 1993 and founded the company, Wealth Solutions in 1994. Richard’s main goal is to make a positive and meaningful difference for the lives of others, individuals, and small business owners. Richard knew that helping people in investments and financial planning would be a great career to take on from when he experienced at firsthand of his love for teaching. He has always been into the education world, along with his mother, wife, and grandmother being teachers. That’s when he decided to combine his teaching experience with his natural talent in finance.

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