International Entrepreneur Bernardo Chua is a Star in Direct Sales

Bernardo Chua is an international entrepreneur with a goal to introduce the Chinese super-herb Ganoderma to the world. He discovered his mission as a young man because his mother was from China, and she brought the Ganoderma to the Philippines, where he grew up.

Ganoderma is a mushroom that grows in the Asian mountains, and it is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients to supply the body with energy while promoting better health. Bernardo founded Organo, a direct sales company, in 2008, which spotlights the Ganoderma by infusing rich, Columbia coffees and herbal teas with the nutrient. Turkey was the latest country to allow Organo in for its citizens.

Organo was not his first company that featured Ganoderma. He founded Gano Excel in 2000 where Ganoderma was used as a supplement. It wasn’t until 2004 that Bernardo was inspired to infuse Columbian coffee with the Ganoderma, so it would be more widely accepted.

He closed Gano Excel and began the process of finding superior Ganoderma and creating the worldwide networking company called Organo Gold. By 2016, Organo had over one million distributors and the number is continually growing.

In 2015, the name was shortened to Organo, but during those years in between Bernardo Chua earned several awards for Organo. Mr. Chua has been recognized as the “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur” as CEO and founder of Organo Gold, which is proving to be one of the fastest growing direct marketing companies worldwide, and Organo is 55th in the list of networking companies.

Organo has also received two of the People’s Choice Awards – one for “Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee” and one for being the “Number One Global Network Marketing Company” in the world. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Bernardo Chua is seeing his childhood vision to cover the world with the knowledge of the ancient Chinese herb unfold before his eyes. With Organo’s headquarters in British Columbia, Canada, Mr. Chua is able to oversee the company as it grows from country to country. Today, Organo has a delicious variety of infused hot beverages in an international gourmet coffee company.

Helane Morrison:A History Of Success A Every Level

San Francisco based financial services company Hall Capital Partners hired Helane Morrison as their chief compliance officer and general counsel in 2007. That proved to be a wise move. Within a few years they were so impressed with her work, they made her managing director and gave her a seat on the executive board. For people that know Morrison, her success at Hall Capital Partners does not come as a surprise. Helane Morrison has been successful everywhere she has gone. This has been true in college and in her career as a professional working in the legal field and with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Helane Morrison started her college career at Northwestern University. After earning her B.A. in Journalism, she moved on to law school at the University of California at Berkley. While in law school, Morrison was selected editor-in-chief of the California Law Review. When she got her law degree, Helane Morrison served as a law clerk for two prominent judges. The first was Judge Richard Posen of the U.S. Court of Appeals. She followed that by spending a year clerking for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Morrison then went on to a career in private practice.


As a young attorney Helane Morrison was hired by the California law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in 1986. By 1991, she was named a partner in the firm. At the law firm Morrison’s work dealt primarily with business litigation. She also worked on private securities actions as well as SEC related matters. Morrison left the law firm in 1996 and was hired by the SEC as head of their San Francisco office. Again her exemplary work led to Helane Morrison being promoted. She became the first woman to be named an SEC regional director.


In her new job Morrison was responsible for regulatory issues, fraud litigation and securities law enforcement. While in that position Helane Morrison protected the public from fraudulent predators. She investigated top Fortune 500 companies for financial fraud and uncovered military personnel being victimized by fraudulent securities sales. Morrison also exposed Ernst and Young auditors were illegally destroying audit papers. See also defended senior citizens being defrauded, worked to eradicate insider trading and warned the public that online trading websites were potentially dangerous.


In 2007 Helane Morrison left the SEC and began a successful career with Hall Capital Partners that continues to today.


Adam Goldenberg Has Created Brilliant Companies

Adam Goldenberg is one of the top names in the fashion industry, but starting out in his professional career you probably would not have thought he would end up where he is today. He began his career as a teen with a dream. Adam Goldenberg created his own business called Gamer Alliance at the young age of 15. He sold the business to Intermix Media a few years later. He was offered a position with the company which eventually landed him a job as the youngest COO in history. That is where he met his future business partner Don Ressler. Once Intermix Media was sold they two went into business together and created a business called Intelligent Beauty at They released several products successfully before they sold the company and decided to take a different and unique direction with their online sales.

Before long the fashion powerhouse JustFab was born. Their unique approach to making great fashion and accessories available to the average consumer caught on life wildfire. Before long they were one of the most well-known names in online fashion on A combination of brilliant marketing strategy and quality merchandise for a reasonable price propelled them to become a household name. Recently, the JustFab company changed their name to Techstyle and have begun to branch out even more. They are the parent company to the hugely successful Fabletics company.

Read more: TechStyle’s data-driven fashion – CNBC Video

Fabletics is an all-inclusive brand of athletic apparel. They do not cater to one specific group or limited sizes. They believe in embracing all shapes and sizes. They bring comfort and fashion to all women in all sizes. The face of the brand is A-list actress Kate Hudson. She has been actively involved in creating superior fashion that uses high-quality fabrics found in more expensive brands.

Adam Goldenberg was able to create companies that were brilliantly designed and brought value and convenience to their customers on His unique insight into the world of business and fashion have helped to create a solid foundation for any future endeavors.

The Contributions of Lori Senecal to the Advertisement Sector.

Lori Senecal is a woman who has achieved a lot in her career. She has been an administrator in most firms that she has served. Senecal is highly experienced in the marketing and advertisement industry. She currently serves Crispi Porter & Bogusky, LLC (CP&B), which is a renowned advertisement agency that has been serving top brands across the world. It is based in Boulder, Colorado, and Lori Senecal acts as its global CEO. The company presently runs nine divisions that are located in different countries across the world. In a report by PR News, Senecal’s role at the enterprise is to manage its international operations and also coordinating the undertakings of all its branches.

Lori Senecal had worked for different advertisement agencies before CP&B hired her. She was an employee of MDC Partner Network, and her roles included assisting the enterprise to accomplish its strategic goals, harmonizing the operations of its branches, determining fields that had a growth potential, and improving the planning models that were being used by the company. See,

The advertisement specialist gave a speech at the Forbes Conference that was hosted in New York. She talked about how she has worked hard to attain success as a female administrator. Her address was during the “sheroes” session that turned out to be the most drawing segment of the conference. Lori spoke about the challenges that she has been facing in the sector that is significantly controlled by men. Some people have been criticizing her as a leader, but she still strives to accomplish her goals. Senecal ensures that her relationship with the employees that she manages is robust. The primary purpose of the Conference is to facilitate leadership and innovation in women who serve various sectors.

Lori understands how to manage resources and allocate staff in an enterprise. Another major company that she has worked for is KBS+, which is based in New York. She assisted the firm in expanding its services. Senecal guided it to become a multinational business that is currently served by more than 950 people. When she joined the company, its operations were majorly local, and it had about 250.

Lori Senecal once served as the CEO of the New York-based flagship division of McCann Erickson. McCann Group also hired her to act as its global chief innovation officer. Her role at the firm was to ensure that resources were being utilized efficiently. Senecal was honored by the Advertising Age due to her hard work.

Securus Technologies Now Offers Unauthorized Cell Phone Blocking Services For Proactive Crime Prevention In Prisons

Contraband cell phones in prisons make guards and warden’s jobs much more challenging. Inmates can intimidate witnesses, arrange for crimes to be committed in the prison or continue their illegal activities from the comfort of their cell. While guards search for and confiscate illegal cell phones, it would be so much easier if prisoners didn’t bother having phones smuggled in, which would happen if the cell phones did not work inside jails and prisons.


Fortunately, Securus Technologies just installed another of its Wireless Containment Solution (WCS), which prevents inmate’s illegal cell phones from connecting to a network, rendering them useless. Securus develops a wide range of technology solutions for the corrections and law enforcement industries; however, their WCS product is revolutionary. Not only does it prevent cell phones from making calls, Securus’s WCS solution identifies the phone’s electronic identity. According to Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, the company’s Wireless Containment Solution proactively prevents crimes, something that none of their competitors have been able to accomplish. Simply identifying the contraband cell phone, which is what Securus’ competitors offer, isn’t enough. It only takes one call for an inmate to order a member of their gang to murder a witness; confiscating the phone after the crime isn’t good enough.


Securus Technologies’ solution is customizable; therefore, correctional facilities can allow calls where needed, while blocking inmates from having their calls go through. Inmates must use the telephones provided by the facility, which are monitored to prevent illegal activity, to make outside calls.


Providing authorized inmate telephone solutions as well, Securus Technologies offers comprehensive, innovative communication services to modern correctional facilities. To inmates and their families, staying connected is important, therefore Securus makes it easy for family members to set up accounts so that their loved one can make authorized calls to them.


With the largest patent portfolio in the industry, Securus Technologies is committed to offering their customers the latest technology solutions, including video visitation, inmate tablet applications, voice biometrics and more. Over 1,200,000 North American inmates benefit from the services Securus provides by staying connected with family members and having access to various services on authorized electronic devices.


Public Transportation, California Sinkholes & Self-Direct Gold IRAs

In the 1900s, many American cities had very well-developed public transportation systems; but as wages increased, Americans started purchasing more automobiles. There is something about owning your own car. It’s a bit like having a “Self-Direct Gold IRA” through the US Money Reserve.


“Life is Unpredictable”


For six years, California had a drought. This is one of the most fertile areas on Planet Earth. It is right next to the ocean. How many Californians expected such a long drought?


Then in February 2017, suddenly California had torrential rains, which washed away some roads and created horrible sink holes. Who could have predicted such a change in weather?


“Self-Directed IRA Is Like Car Ownership”


Did you know that the new US Money Reserve website has a “Self-Directed Gold IRA Program?” You can purchase gold and add it to your retirement plan. You can even check the gold price when you visit the US Money Reserve website; it runs along the top of the page.


Just as Americans prefer to drive their own cars, they prefer to direct their own retirement investments. Now, they can. US Money Reserve explains your options and how to transfer funds from old traditional IRAs to one of the new do-it-yourself Gold IRAs.


“Gold is Predictable”


Not only can you get a “Free Gold Information Kit” at US Money Reserve, along with the aforementioned IRA program, but you can also purchase beautiful gold coins for your wealth portfolio. How can you diversity your portfolio? The aforementioned kit has the answer.


Why do people love the US Money Reserve? It is run by a former US Mint Director, so you know the information is accurate. It has great gold coins with informative articles. Now, it has a great website, which is easy-to-use.


Why do people love gold? You don’t need to check the bus schedule and wait at a bus stop, when you own an automobile. You can respond to emergencies too.


The same is true for gold coins. Gold ownership places real wealth in your pockets. Your US Money Reserve gold is predictable and gives you freedom.

Learn more:,28.htm

Enrich Your Lips With An Amazing Beauty Care Product

Do you wonder how your favorite celebrity like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus always seem to have the perfect lips? Surprisingly, products like EOS lip balm products saturate the skin on the lips and give your a proper measure of moisture and shine. You will notice remarkable results from the very first application. According to, EOS lip balm products are known for their highly effective shea butter contents. Shea butter has been used for centuries by cultures around the world to heal and restore the skin. Transform your dull dry lips to a rich ultra smooth texture that all your friends will admire.

Get Guaranteed Smooth Lips With Evolution Of Smooth

Don’t trust your lips to competitor products like Chapstick. Beauty care products like Evolution of Smooth is revolutionizing lip care with all natural, hypoallergenic products that have proven results. They have been known for causing your lips to look and feel ultra smooth. You will love their individually packed pastel containers that provide a rich blend of protection that when and where you need it. EOS lip balm products like Evolution of Smooth are cruelty-free and has long lasting stay power for all skin types.

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– Mint Kisser

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EOS lip balm provides a rich blend of vitamin C and E. Saturate your lips with the benefits of all natural ingredients that won’t threaten to strip away your natural moisture. Visit the exclusive Evolution of Smooth website or for more details on promotional offers and free shipping for first time customers. However, you can also get their products by visiting the beauty care aisle of select retailers. Join the thousands of women around the world that use EOS lip balm products like Evolution of Smooth today.

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