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OSI Group Ventures into International Expansion

OSI Group’s history of growth dates back to the 20th century when German immigrants moved to the Chicago community. The people constituted a quarter of the town’s population at that moment. The thriving city became the business center for many individuals who settled in the town. Since then, the city welcomed various individuals from Germany with one of them establishing a sole proprietor butcher shop to sell meat. Mr. Kolschowsky started the business with the intention of supplying meat and related products in the thriving locality. In other words, at the beginning of the 20th century, Mr. Kolschowsky realized that there was a high demand for meat products yet there were few suppliers.

The Growth of OSI Group

After two decades of establishing the company, he followed the city’s familiar storyline where families introduced their siblings or members into the business. Like many others, the brand was small yet crucial to the American community. The introduction of the two sons into the company enabled him to start working on various partnerships. At the beginning of another decade, Otto and his sons began opening branches in the city with the first shop in Maywood.

The Expansion of OSI Group

Within the next decade, Otto Kolschowsky rebranded the business to Otto & Sons. After decades of operation, the company continued to stabilize within the locality. At the onset of the postwar economic expansion, being a modern suburb, the business started to sprout in America. There was also a massive demand for meat and related products. Inventiveness unleashed in the same era. Therefore, the company invested in significant partnerships and business alliances that contributed to its development. One such collaboration was with the first McDonald’s restaurant that was established by Ray Kroc.

The Global Growth of OSI Group

But before he established the first restaurant, he asked Otto’s sons for a partnership. Arthur and Harry, the two sons, were part of the franchise. They served as suppliers of fresh beef. It was an impressive partnership that grew the brand within years of serving the local community by supplying meat. McDonald’s was appointed to serve as the CEO of the corporation. Otto and his sons joined the business. It marked the point of expansion in many ways because there was a high demand for meat. In a few years, Otto called upon a finance executive to help the business in expanding its horizons. Today, the company is known as one of the leading meat suppliers in the world. OSI Group has since developed into an international brand that serves multitudes with high-quality food.

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