Nexbank- Most Popular Bank in Texas

NexBank Capital Incorporation is a well-known financial services company in Dallas, Texas. In September 2017, the company announced to the world that it had completed its $54 million-dollar fixed floating subordinated rate notes with the highest net worth investors in the banking industry. NexBank Capital have since used the profits from the $54 million-dollar investment to raise $283 million in debt and equity capital.


NexBank’s Floating-rate notes have a five-year maturity date and are considered non-redeemable until September 30, 2027. The floater’s fixed interest rate equals 6.375% for a minimum of five years. The floating rate note has since been assigned a BBB investment grade rating with a solid outlook according to the Kroll Bond Rating Agency.


NexBank Capital, Inc. is a leader in the banking and financial services industry where they serve their clients through three major center businesses:


  • Commercial banking services to people and businesses


  • Mortgage banking services to small businesses and people


  • Helping investors with institutional services such as growing, managing and protecting their assets.


NexBank is known as the eleventh biggest bank in the state of Texas and the 150th biggest bank in the nation. It was created the early 1930s and has savings accounts ratings that are more than four times the national standard rates.


NexBank regional bank has assets of which that equal to $5.3 billion dollars and they do not just reinvest into the business for continued growth. In 2016 the bank created a financial literacy program that reached more than sixteen hundred students during the 2016-2017 school year.


Through this literacy program, they sponsor teachers and online learning courses at public elementary and high schools in low-income neighborhoods throughout the county of Dallas free of charge. NexBank is not only a leader in the banking industry but a leader in the Dallas, Texas community as well. NexBank enjoys giving back to its community and looks forward to expanding its educational program into more classrooms in Dallas county within the upcoming school years to come.

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