Brain Disease

Neurocore Makes Brain Maps For Optimum Thinking

Why is it that the treatment and research performed at Neurocore so important? Because they use advanced diagnostics to identify which systems within the brain are out of balance or misfiring. A quirk of the human brain is when something causes mixed signals, normal functioning is blocked. This can involve any “one” of multiple mechanisms, the detriment is allowing the person to become trapped within a mind maze. At Neurocore, they’ve devised a systematic approach for examining the framework of brain activity. The therapy programs includes mapping the electrical brain waves and behavior observation. The maze of the mind is controlled by many tiny circuits called, neurotransmitters. These “transmitters” are responsible for normal reasoning, memory storage, adrenaline and the release of pleasure hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine. See more information about Neurocore at

Neurocore has found that feedback obtained from electrodes attached to the scalp, can be studied to discover the root cause of brain disorders. It’s the first stage of Neurofeedback therapy. Left undetected these disorders can lead to maladaptive behaviors. The brain disorders treated at Neurocore range from minor to severe; they cover depression, sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety, memory loss and attention deficit disorders and other psychophysical states. Neurocore focuses on optimizing the brain’s ability to perform. The treatment programs rewire the brain’s ability to function properly. Neurofeedback therapy is for all individuals, Neurocore treats athletes, teens and adults. They study the brain’s electromagnetic waves to understand why the person is suffering from a particular disorder.


In addition to clinical diagnostics, Neurocore has an outstanding reputation for helping athletes reach optimal levels of performance. The treatment is highly sought after, because many professional and amateur athletes seek Neurofeedback to tap into their brain functioning. For example, we often see athletes on the field or on the court, but we don’t consider the pressures on them to play at a high level, at all times. Many athletes turn to Neurocore for their biofeedback therapy to not only enhance their brain functioning, but to help prevent injury. Because it requires heightened mental acuity to participate in sports. Neurofeedback helps clinicians understand how the brains of athletes operate. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

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