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Meet Betsy DeVos and her Philanthropy Work

Betsy DeVos, the education secretary in Donald Trump’s government, is well known for her philanthropy work. Through her foundation started in 1989, Betsy DeVos and her husband contributed to achieving millions of money meant to assist Republican aspirants. This foundation is not only politically oriented but also provides to other nonprofit organizations. Some of the best examples include, it funded Loudspeaker Media Inc. She helped in launching an education site for Campbell Brown who is a CNN anchor.

During the same period too, $150,000 was paid to Success Academy Charter Schools. In addition to that, her foundation also funded this nonprofit school management company called Great Schools Inc. with $5,000. Not long after that, another big amount was donated to Potter’s House. This was after visiting the school some decades back. Another organization which works with American Federation for Children received a total of $100,000.

After moving from schools, she went to conservation organizations where her foundation signed $ 1million for future funding of Washington DC-based think tank. The foundation also gave $750000 in cash to that organization too. During the similar time, Institute for Justice got $10,000 funding too. To improve college viewpoint on campuses, the foundation funded Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc.

The above donation opened doors to universities and colleges too. The first one to receive a donation was University of Maryland College Park. This organization is named after DeVoses. Another $10000 was signed for approval. School of Missionary Aviation technology was given $150,000. If you want to earn an undergraduate certificate in aircraft from a Christian based college, this is the best.

In Michigan, some schools and universities received her donation. They include $113,500 to Ferris State University, $55,000 to a nonprofit school called Davenport University. In the long list, we have others like Rollins College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Cornell University’s Weill Cornell Medical Center, and the University of Michigan’s Food Allergy Center which all got a total sum more than $8,000

As mentioned early, The DeVos’ Foundation is a non-biased which funds all types of organizations from political to Christian organizations. That is why The DeVos’ Foundation supported the following Christian organizations; Grand Rapids Christian School Association, Christian Schools International, the Ada Christian School Society, and the Rehoboth Christian School Association. All of these got good money that can help them move ahead.

It is good to note that, The DeVos’ Foundation gives more donations to organizations where Betsy DeVos serves on the board. So does that mean that all organizations should appoint her to join their board? No. Her philanthropy is free, and it can be said to be fair. That is why institutions like the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, ArtPrize Grand Rapids, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Xprize Foundation can get donations too.


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