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MB2 Dental is a Game-Changer

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental. He is a practitioner who wants to promote both sides of the industry-the corporate side as well as the dentistry side. He has been on both sides, and he began his company with the knowledge to keep the integrity if his profession. He recognized the need for specialized assistance when it came to running a dental office and this he founded MB2 Dental Solutions. Since it began, the organization has helped provide support for practitioners across the states and has 533 employees. Dr.Villanueva found many dentist firms to be uninspired and somewhat drab and she set out to change that. He built his company to focus on support, autonomy, personal growth and having fun.

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Wishing a big congratulations to our Doctor Owner, Dr. Rishank Korupolu, on marrying his love, Meghana, this past weekend! Wishing you two a long, happy marriage!♥️

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MB2 Dental is helping practices to improve, and this is helping the customer since they ultimately end up getting a better overall experience. After graduating from dental school, there were only a couple of options available. There was the option to go into a private practice or to join an established group practice. Dr. Chris Villanueva decided that there should be a third option and an option that put the patients first. He surrounds himself with like-minded and intellectual people and stays productive. He believes in the importance of hiring the right people for the job so that he doesn’t need to micromanage every minute of every day. He also spends a substantial amount of time collaborating and coming up with ideas that are outside the box. MB2 Dental is a progressive business model and is an environment where dentists can learn as well as grow from one another. It is also progressive and able to keep up in today’s technologically advanced market.

MB2 Dental is made of an expert team of dentists that are able to overcome any payroll, legal, HR, compliance, or marketing challenges that they may arise. MB2 Dental is all about giving back the control to the dentists so that they can run their business the way that they see fit rather than an unfeeling corporation. It is a close-knit company that cares about its practitioners, and clients. MB2 Dental makes it possible to focus on what is most important which is the patient. What Dr.Villanueva has done is game-changing and is a way to enhance the dentistry industry for the future. There is no reason to stay traditional in a world that is so advanced and fast-paced.

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