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Marc Beer Is Helping Women Through Important Research At Renovia Inc

Pelvic floor disorder is a disease that is affecting millions of women all around the world and it is extremely difficult to deal with in most cases. Renovia Inc is a medical research company that was founded by Marc Beer in 2016. The focus of Renovia’s research is going towards developing new treatments for pelvic floor disorders, which could go on to help more than 200 million women globally at maximum effect. Marc Beer is an experienced businessman and has spent the majority of his career in the pharmaceutical industry. Marc has even developed a few of his own drugs throughout his career, though they had trouble making their way through the FDA. Learn more:¬†


Marc’s first attempt at creating a product to help people was a drug to treat high cholesterol. Despite his good intentions, the FDA questioned his timing for creating the drug and the fact that he had no official backing as a pharmaceutical developer. This inspired Marc to make things official with a company that is completed dedicated to the research and development of treatments in the healthcare industry. Renovia Inc has had scientists researching for the past two years to develop their first official drug on the market, Leva. This time around, the FDA approved Marc’s product right away as it is a legitimate treatment that could potentially help hundreds of millions of women over a period of many years.


Renovia was an idea of Marc’s to develop treatments for the masses, but he needed help to get it started and thus partnered with two colleagues to get Renovia started. Marc, however, leads the company as CEO and actively sets the overall goals of the company. He is also responsible for successfully running a second series of funding for Renovia that pulled in more than 42 million dollars. This success means that research and product development can go on for several more years at least. Marc Beer states that more funding will be needed in order to develop the necessary technology to create better treatments and improve Leva to make it more accessible to larger numbers of women worldwide, though it is currently available through medical orders at a doctors office.


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