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Jeunesse Global continues worldwide expansion with novel and effective products

Jeunesse Global is one of the most astounding companies to have emerged in global business over the last decade. Not even nine years old, Jeunesse Global is the brainchild of inveterate entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who had previously spent decades creating and building some of the top companies in the North American direct-selling business.


In just nine years, Jeunesse Global has gone from a garage-based hobby business to being a billion-dollar global health and beauty company that competes on equal footing with the likes of Revlon and Mary Kay. Jeunesse has a strong lineup of groundbreaking products that were developed with the help of some of the top scientists in the health and beauty industry. Wendy Lewis was able to tap into her long list of industry contacts and create top-selling niche products that exploited areas previously unanswered by the biggest players in the space.


The culmination of all of this innovative spirit has been the creation of what Jeunesse Global terms its Youth Enhancement System. The Youth Enhancement System is a package of more than a dozen of the company’s top products that are designed to help people age in a way that prevents the worst effects of aging from taking hold. The Youth Enhancement System includes a number of cosmetic, heath and weight-loss products that promote an overall high standard of heathy living as well as directly preventing things like the formation of skin wrinkles and blemishes that are normally associated with aging.


The Youth Enhancement System is part of Jeunesse Global’s effort to create what it has termed Generation Young, the first group of people in history that will have sufficiently powerful tools at its disposal to prevent the effects of aging for years or even decades. Generation Young will be able to give new meaning to the idea that 50 is the new 30, with many people being able to make it well past middle age with the same levels of strength, health and beauty that most people in prior generations could only hold onto into their early 30s.


Jeunesse Global’s customers are becoming Generation Young.

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