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Infinity Group Australia’s way of securing the future for Australians

Infinity Group Australia is a company established in 2013 by Graeme Holm in partnership with Rebecca Walker to offer financial management assistance to Australians. The company operates by assigning personal bankers to their customers.








Infinity Group Australia was created following dissatisfaction in the banking sector. Many clients were struggling with financial management once they received loans from the banks. Banks were not offering any guidance or support after giving out funds. As a result, many borrowers struggled with loan repayments which ended up constraining their lives.




Graeme Holm




Graeme Holm was working in the banking sector when he noticed the problem in the country. He decided to use his experience and knowledge to create solutions. He had worked in the banking sector for 17 years and was therefore in the right position to lead the way for the people. He knew the weak points in the financial system which banks were exploiting to earn more from their clients.




Graeme Holm knew that banks never wanted people who could repay their loans quickly, it would translate to less interest from loans. They were never for the full benefit of their customers; they wanted to exploit the ignorance by most borrowers to make money.




Graeme Holm approached his friend Rebecca Walker with whom they set the plan rolling. They combined their passion for finances and came up with a plan that will resolve the financial challenges of many Australian families.




Role of personal banker




Infinity Group Australia provides personal bankers to their clients. They are experienced people on matters of finances and who will lead the clients in the right direction. The personal banker will ensure that a client saves more money which will go towards loan repayment, investment or retirement plans.




By avoiding wastages, people can save a lot more, but this rarely happens due to the lack the discipline to achieve such results on our own. A personal banker will prepare monthly reports that will be used to come up with a spending plan. All unnecessary spending can be struck out from the budget. Learn more :




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