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Igor Cornelsen’s career journey from Engineering to Investment

In this new era, one of the essential requirements to a fulfilling life is generating wealth. Livelihood has become more expensive and engaging, and there is a need to create wealth. One of the ways people create wealth is by saving, but another common method is investing.

Igor Cornelsen is an investment advisor; however his journey did not start until around 1967, in 1965 Igor joined university and pursued a course in engineering. Two years later he decided that this was not his passion and he changed his course to economics in the same institution.

Taking the bold step to follow his dream has turned out to be one of the best decisions of his life. Igor is a successful investor and has taught us to pursue our dreams and passions. In a recent interview, Igor talks about his career journey and some of the motivating factors for investing.

Igor Cornelsen career steps.

His began his journey after completing school in 1970 as an investment banker. Igor did not take long before climbing up the ranks and was moved to Rio where he continued to work as an investment banker, after several years he was appointed as a board director at Multibancos, and in just two years Igor was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer at the financial institution.

Working at Multibancos opened the door to many opportunities and helped him sharpen his financial skills even more, after working at Multibancos for about four years. Mr Igor got an opportunity to work at Unibanco a branch of the London Merchant bank.

Getting new opportunities opened more opportunities for Igor while working at Unibanco he was paid using US dollars for the first time. This would turn out to be one of the paths to his endeavors as a successful investor as well as an advisor.

After working in different positions, and serving his native country Brazil, Igor decided to establish his investment firm that would help to equip people with the required knowledge to invest. Igor Cornelsen aims to make a difference in the society by increasing people’s wealth. His many years in banking has helped him gain exceptional skills that have led to the success of his career.

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