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How Fortress Investment Group Has Maintained Its Longevity

Fortress Investment Group began in 1998. It was created to be a trendsetting privately owned investment banking firm. When the company chose to go public, it was the first of its kind to have scaled to such a large company on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is a global powerhouse that has a very diverse portfolio of clients. It manages over forty billion dollars of assets for many clients who have their money invested in hedge funds, permanent capital, and private equities. The company was created with a mission for helping investors earn high returns on their investments. Today, Fortress Investment Group has its main offices located in New York and has a combined workforce of nine hundred people.

Fortress Investment Group has three base principles. One of these base principles is located in San Francisco, California. The other two base principles are located in New York. The company has created a set of core areas where they align investors to invest in. These core areas are the most promising for an investor. Asset based investing, corporate mergers, operations management, acquisitions and knowledge about specific company sectors are the core areas this firm focuses on for investors.

Fortress Investment Group has became an experienced firm able to deal with many different investments and financial situations for clients. With decades of experience, the firm has been able to create a system that investors can enjoy the benefiting from. All different types of investors are able to benefit from what this company has established. The firm works with management professionals, stakeholders and board members of companies.

Fortress Investment Group is a one of a kind firm. It has proven itself to be the expert on dealing with capital markets. Additionally, it is a firm that does a good job of financing within equity markets. They plan to continue to retain longevity with their thousands of clients. This will be made possible on a global scale due to the investment firm’s knowledge of diverse sectors, ultimate customer experience, decades long expertise and the many ways they equip investors with profitable investments.


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