FirstSpear’s Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes has been an integral part of the marketing and designing of tactical gear for customers all over the world, especially in the United States law enforcement and armed services communities. His involvement with tactical gear, especially the top brand FirstSpear, is a result of his involvement personally in these communities and using the gear consistently with positive interactions. Starting as a Marine at age 17, Ronald Fowlkes later went into the Army Jump School after which he joined the St Louis Police Department SWAT team in Missouri.


Embracing his calling into the business side of the law enforcement and armed forces communities, Ronald Fowlkes eventually became a manager of Business Development at Eagle Industries; Additionally, he was also involved with product sales and business development for the company ITW. Because he had seen this brand called FirstSpear a lot in his everyday work life and he (and his work cohorts) loved their products, he soon realized that this brand is truly the “Gucci or Ferrari of tactical gear”, as he calls it: extremely high quality. The move into developing the FirstSpear brand was quite natural because of this previous exposure to the brand. As far as how Ronald’s employer makes profits, he states that FirstSpear makes their money with Department of Defense contracts, local government contracts, state government contracts, and trade shows.


As far as personal life goes, he did have to sacrifice for his family and move them to a different city. This was hard at first for his three kids, but as soon as they realize that their rooms would be bigger than before, they had no problem with adjusting. And then as far as Ronald Fowlkes’ involvement with the company personally, he is actually a part owner of FirstSpear.


With his years of experience in the fields and communities of law enforcement and armed services, he has helped to reduce the weight of a lot of FirstSpear products (by 40%) through the technological use of laser cutting. With the soft drink Mountain Dew as his guiding force in energy to help develop the brand, Ronald Fowlkes is an enigma within the FirstSpear business.


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