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Eos Lip Balm has taken the World by Storm

Lip balm has been around for many years in many different forms, but the product has risen to the top of most beauty regimes and just about taken the world by storm with slick marketing. Eos lip balm has been riding the top of the wave since its introduction to the market in 2007. The rise to the top has been very calculated as they overtook the most popular brands at one time – Blistex and Chapstick.

Eos, which is an acronym for Evolution of Smooth, is a product co-founded by Sajiv Mehra and Jonathon Teller. Their approach to marketing was to move the product globally and be scalable to support that type of growth. Before launching their product, their research included finding out exactly what the consumer needed and wanted and was not already available in the market at the time. The most telling bit of information they unearthed was lip balm was always seen as a unisex product.

The Eos strategy was to cultivate universal appeal. They also discovered a few of the complaints most women had about such products and they included not being able to find the product in their hand bags. The design of the container became the major focus and they worked a design shape until they came up with container in the shape of a sphere. Users of such product wanted to be able to apply the product without using their fingers as the applicator.

The result was a container that is colorful, playful and soft to the touch. The product sports a multitude of flavors that are sure to inspire favorite memories of the past. The lip balm is also made from organic materials and ingredients, along with skin saving nutrients. With the success of the lip balm, several other products were developed and launched including products that work to hydrate and enrich skin.

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  • Irene Henry

    People are admiring my new look while my friends keep asking, what is the secret. I have experimented with some lip balms before finally sticking to this one. This has written some tips that has made EOS popular among other products. I think the company did very good research before releasing their product to the market. Since the release of their product, it has become the most favorite lip balm among many ladies and me too.

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