Daniel Taub Improved Trade deals between U.K and Israel

Daniel Taub is a prominent Israeli diplomat. He is also known by many as an accomplished international lawyer. As a diplomat, he has written a lot about the Israel as well as the Middle East. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Some of his works have featured in the Huffington Post, the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph. The highest post that Daniel Taub has held as a diplomat is that of being the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom.

This job was one of its kind to Daniel Taub for one reason. His origin was the United Kingdom. That is where he was born. He later went to Israel as an immigrant only for him to be later appointed as an ambassador to the U.K.

Daniel Taub explains that after leaving the United Kingdom for Israel he started practicing law as an intellectual property lawyer. Daniel was educated in negotiation theory and international law.

This was crucial due to the conflict that existed between Israel and her neighbors. Daniel wanted to be part of the delegation that would negotiate for peace in the region. It is during this time that he joined the Israel foreign ministry.

He would later serve in the ministry and finally ended up being appointed the ambassador to the U.K. Daniel Taub was known for being a staunch believer in the Jewish culture. His time as the ambassador was characterized by typical Jewish attire in his official duties.

Daniel Taub was the ambassador to the United Kingdom for 4 years. That was between 2011 and 2015. In the four years, he accomplished so much. One of his legacies was improved trade relations between the two countries.

In fact, it is documented that during his tenure, trade between these two countries doubled. Since Daniel was aware of the affairs of the two countries, it was easy for him to strike a balance between the two. The two countries enjoyed a lot in terms of academic interactions, business partnerships as well as cultural links.

By the time Daniel Taub was leaving office, there were over 300 Israeli owned businesses in the U.k. in addition the annual bilateral trade transactions amounted to approximately $5.5 billion.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom. He was appointed the Israeli ambassador to the U.K in 2011. He has been a peace negotiator for a very long time. As part of his peace negotiation mission, he has been to the Northern Ireland and Palestine to analyze the situation.

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