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Chris Burch, the All-Rounded Entrepreneur, and Investor

Chris Burch was born in the year 1953 in the Wayne area of Pennsylvania. He was born to a middle-class family as one of ten children. He got bit by the entrepreneurial bug at a young age. Chris started his first business while still pursuing his degree from Ithaca College. In partnership with his brother, Chris Burch started a business that he called the Eagle’s Eye Apparel. He invested a two thousand dollar capital in the business which involved busying sweaters and selling them at a fifty percent profit. It wasn’t long until the two brothers were able to buy a factory in which they produced their own line of sweaters which they sold door to door on campus.

Within a short time, the business expanded beyond the Ithaca College Campus to other campuses eventually leading to the establishment of retail stores. Within a decade, Chris Burch’s business had more than 50 retail stores and had made more than a hundred and fifty nationwide sales, refer to (Inc.com). He eventually sold the company for more than sixty million dollars which he split with his brother and both went their separate ways. This was not the end of Chris Burch’s venture in the fashion industry, in the year 2004; he assisted his wife in the launch of the Tory Burch fashion label to which he was a co-chairman and a part owner for a while before selling his shares.


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Chris Burch away from the Fashion Industry

After selling his business with his brother, Chris Burch two individual, an architect and a hotelier by the named Philippe Stark and Alan Faena respectively with whom he made an investment towards the development of the Faena Hotel+Universe building situated in Buenos Aires, learn more information on thenewsversion.com. This was the beginning of his venture in real estate. A year later, he bought a luxury home, developed it and sold it at a profit. After several other such ventures, Chris Burch bought the Nihiwatu resort which he renovated and developed a villa estate of 27 villas on the property. He made one of these villas his own home and has been running a resort business with the rest making the resort one of the best in the industry, visit http://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/christopher-maya-j-christopher-burch-hamptons-house-article.


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