George Soros: The Man Driving Change Into Political Systems All Over The World

George Soros is known to be one of the most influential people in the entire world. He has influenced political scenarios in numerous countries and has helped countless lives all over. He is also one of the richest individuals in the world, who uses his wealth for good. Soros amassed his fortune when he started working on Wall Street. It was during this time that he landed his first hedge fund, and he only went upwards from there. Today, Soros is known to be one of the biggest hedge fund owners in the world, with a vast empire. He has been listed numerous times in different magazines like for being the top in his field.

Soros grew up in a part of Hungary that was still under the Nazi rule at the time. He grew up in a Jewish family who was subjected to a lot of social injustice. Seeing what his family was facing and seeing what it did to the society around them was what made Soros decide from a very early age that he wanted to change the world and make it, so the wrong party or political leader is never put into power again. He knew that if he wanted to make a difference on the scale that he envisioned for himself, he needed a lot of money. Therefore, to put that plan into motion, Soros went to the London School of Economics to understand the nuances of finance. He then moved to the United States, and thus his journey with Wall Street began. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

To put his plans into fruition, George Soros has been working alongside the political parties that he sees fit to be in power. Soros has been a long time supporter of the Democratic Party and has made efforts to put the party into power. In the 2004 elections, Soros is said to have spent a total of $27million USD towards the party and the numerous organizations that they support. In 2016 again, he once again emerged on the American political scene and contributed a total of $25million towards the party. Even though the Democratic Party did not win the elections, he is still a staunch supporter and is working to bring about change in the existing American system of governance.

He has also made tremendous efforts to help people who have been affected by dangerous political situations. He set up a fund that gave monetary aid to refugees and individuals from war-torn countries. The funds were given to them so that they could start their lives anew in their new homes. By doing this, he has helped numerous people get back on their feet and live comfortable lives once again.

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College Roommate Reminisces On Anthony Petrello

In his satirical self-reflection piece titled, “The Prince and The Pauper; My College Roommate became an Oligarch,” Lloyd Grove discusses how wildly his own life path diverged from that of Anthony Petrello, his former roommate at Yale. Though Grove’s position as editor at large of The Daily Beast is no small feat, Petrello’s current status as a captain of industry is fairly awe inspiring, especially given his modest background. Grove recalled his friend Tony as “a public-school scholarship kid from working-class Newark,” always quick with a joke and a laugh.

While sharing their dorm at at Yale University, Grove attained his BA in English and Petrello achieved his MS in Mathematics, demonstrating his superior mathematical ability. Petrello even became a protégé of Professor Serge Lang, the world-renowned text book author and professor emeritus of mathematics at Yale. The brief acquaintance ended when Lloyd Grove continued writing and Petrello pursued his JD from Harvard, moving on to work for a Manhattan law firm and then one of the firm’s clients, Nabor Industries.

After climbing through the ranks, Petrello currently serves as the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries. Grove mustered up the courage to contact his former roommate’s office, and he received an email back which quipped, “one life lesson I have learned is that between being smart or being lucky—lucky is better.” Having risen through the ranks with quick wit and business acumen, Tony Petrello still maintains his sense of humor.

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Adam Goldenberg Has Created Brilliant Companies

Adam Goldenberg is one of the top names in the fashion industry, but starting out in his professional career you probably would not have thought he would end up where he is today. He began his career as a teen with a dream. Adam Goldenberg created his own business called Gamer Alliance at the young age of 15. He sold the business to Intermix Media a few years later. He was offered a position with the company which eventually landed him a job as the youngest COO in history. That is where he met his future business partner Don Ressler. Once Intermix Media was sold they two went into business together and created a business called Intelligent Beauty at They released several products successfully before they sold the company and decided to take a different and unique direction with their online sales.

Before long the fashion powerhouse JustFab was born. Their unique approach to making great fashion and accessories available to the average consumer caught on life wildfire. Before long they were one of the most well-known names in online fashion on A combination of brilliant marketing strategy and quality merchandise for a reasonable price propelled them to become a household name. Recently, the JustFab company changed their name to Techstyle and have begun to branch out even more. They are the parent company to the hugely successful Fabletics company.

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Fabletics is an all-inclusive brand of athletic apparel. They do not cater to one specific group or limited sizes. They believe in embracing all shapes and sizes. They bring comfort and fashion to all women in all sizes. The face of the brand is A-list actress Kate Hudson. She has been actively involved in creating superior fashion that uses high-quality fabrics found in more expensive brands.

Adam Goldenberg was able to create companies that were brilliantly designed and brought value and convenience to their customers on His unique insight into the world of business and fashion have helped to create a solid foundation for any future endeavors.