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Anthony Constantinou The Future Of Artificial Intelligence


Anthony Constantinou, Ph.D is an astute scientist, paving the way in Artificial Intelligence and decision making though advances statistical analysis. He was a distinguished graduate when receiving his Masters of Science in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics. Anthony Constantinou was later nominated for Council of Professors and Heads of Computing (CPHC) Distinguished Dissertation upon the completion of his Ph.D in Bayesian Networks for Predication.


Dr. Constantinou is currently employed by Queen Mary University of London as an assistant professor in Machine Learning and Data Mining and is head of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Research Lab. He often uses his statistical ability to influence and assist in the decision making process for businesses, sports and government organizations. His contributions have undoubtedly saved time and money by the organizations seeking his consultation. See This Page for Constantinou’s credentials and successes.


Continually working to improve his field of study, Dr. Constantinou is currently seeking Doctoral candidates to work in his program at the University. He also busies himself in sports, though, not in a traditional manner. In Spring 2018, Constantinou earned 2nd place for “Dolores”, his system for predicting the outcome of football games. As this was an international competition, hosted by Machine Learning Journal, being awarded second place shows exemplary ability and competence in his field.


As technology constantly advances, Dr. Constantinou can only continue to improve and hone his intellectual expertise. As he searches to find the future of Robotic Learning, statistical analysis, and predication, he is making sense of the versatile, volatile, and unpredictable. With a great mind and his forward thinking, Dr. Constantinou is a man who will leave his mark on the world.


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