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According To Roseann Bennett Telemedicine Is Taking Over Therapy

The one thing that Roseann Bennett is passionate about, is that she uses her knowledge to help those in need. Led by Roseann Bennett, the Center for Treatment and Assessment is a company that is based in Hackettstown, New Jersey that offers nonprofit mental health solution.


Roseann, with her husband Todd, founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment, and it’s the company that she uses to provide the help. She attended the Seton Hall University where she gained her MA and Ed.S. The other things that Roseann has that offer her the qualification is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Also, she attended REACH Institute where she attained her Masters in cognitive behavior therapy.


Roseann Bennett had to work hard and persevere for many years so that she was sure that the company was a success. The help that she had from her partner Dr. Todd Bennett was helpful. Because together they were committed to offering the people and families with mental health care that they needed not caring about their financial means and insurance. The one goal that Roseann has is that she will be able to change the way people view mental health therapy and make sure that anyone will be able to access the help they need.


In the recent occasion that took place the Mental Health Awareness Week, the thing that Bennett addressed is the Telemedicine. That will make it easy for the people in that they will be able to get help from a therapist just by using text, email, and Skype. For Roseann, she sees a lot of advantage of the new technology, but one advice that she is offering people is that it should not be a replacement for the therapist face to face interactions. Roseann Bennett suggests for a therapy to be successful then there has to the relationship with the therapist, connections, and interventions. Visit This Page for related information.


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